Arsene Wenger apologises to the Arsenal fans

Yes it was terribly emarrassing to be destroyed by Manchester United, but Wenger had his excuses on hand already, like the Champions League game they played last Wednesday, and the eight players missing through injury or suspension, but at least he had the good grace to apologise to the Arsenal fans after the game.

“The players go away for two weeks on international duty and maybe that is a good thing,” Wenger said.

“When they come back we’ll have to prepare. Big scores are humiliating and difficult to swallow but I don’t think they have a special meaning. They are always under special circumstances.”

“I can only apologise for the score,” Wenger said. “It hurts very much.

“The fans were great and I feel sorry for them. They do not want to see their team like that. We can only apologise and come back in our strength and desire in the next game.”

With just one point from Arsenal’s first three games, surely they MUST get their first win against Swansea in two weeks time. Fingers crossed!