Mikel Arteta is confident of Arsenal’s title chances

The newly transferred midfielder Mikel Arteta has brought a lot of skill and experience to Arsenal, but he also came with a breathtaking amount of enthusiasm.

Spanish midfielder Mikel Arteta, 29, left Everton for Arsenal after playing 208 games, scoring 33 goals and assisting another 41 during his 7 seasons stay at the club.

The player offered an interview for Arsenal’s official website since he crossed over from Everton in the last day of this summer’s transfer season, and seemed very driven to prove people that Arsenal can still be one of the title challengers despite Nasri’s and Fabregas’s departure.

When asked by the reporter what he thinks about the club’s title chances he replied: “We have unbelievable talent here and if we can use it the right way I am sure we can fight with them for the title.”

Arteta’s arrival to the club was seen as a blessing by Arsenal fans all over the world, who see the player as a much needed replacement for Fabregas or Nasri in the midfield. When he was asked about this issue the player replied:
“No, I don’t want to use the word replacement. They were two top players for the Club, they did really, really well in the last few years and now we have some new players coming in to try and make the same impact. I am sure we will. I don’t want the fans to be expecting the same as them because every player is different. We need some time to adapt as well, but I am sure that we will give everything we can to make this team better.”

Arteta’s enthusiasm, leadership and playmaking skills might prove to be exactly what Arsenal needs in order to reignite their season after the blows suffered by the outgoing transfers and the shameful and worrying losses they suffered against Liverpool and Manchester United.