Bendtner: Sitting on the Arsenal bench was not my ambition!

Nicklas Bendtner declared following the transfer from Arsenal to Sunderland that he is looking to get his career back on track.
Bendtner managed a long-awaited and wanted transfer from Arsenal to Sunderland in the last week of the transfer season and has now appeared with a whole new attitude and with much more enthusiasm.

The striker stated on the Sunderland official website: “This has been a very long time on the way so I’m very happy to finally be here,”

“Steve Bruce was the main reason behind me choosing to come here in the first place.

“I heard about the club and the players too and decided this was a good opportunity for me.

“It is a chance to try and get my career back on track.”

When asked what he thinks about the working relationship with his new coach Steve Bruce, he replied:”Having played under Steve at Birmingham I know what he is all about,”

“He plays an attacking style and likes to get the ball forward, which is something I value and is how I like to see the game played.

“I want to try and get back on track. I have not played consistently. Being at Arsenal and sitting on the bench for a long time was not the ambition I had.

“I am really looking forward to being in a new place and playing well here.”

Both Arsenal and Bendtner were looking for quite some time to get rid of one and other therefore the move was probably favorable to both sides, especially since the arrival of much more talented striker J.Y. Park.