Wenger – More Arsenal players were worried about our ambition

The summer started in a very bad fashion for Wenger. Left-back Gael Clichy joined Manchester City early in the summer, but the manager did not fear any upcoming problems due to his departure. The worst followed only at the end when Arsenal lost Fabregas to Barcelona, a move that has been expected to happen for a couple of seasons now. And Nasri pulled the cap on Wenger’s awful summer by leaving for City. He suggested that Fabregas’ departure left him wondering about the ambition of Arsenal.

After all this, Wenger fears other high quality players like Robin Van Persie, Theo Walcott, and so on, could be tempted to leave due to the lack of trophies at Arsenal, that did not manage to win a single trophy since 2005, despite coming close in a number of times.

Wenger wanted to motivate his players and stop them for wanting to leave the club by saying: “Yes, they could be a little bit worried about our ambition because they see big players moving out and not big players coming in,”

“If you look around you when you are a big player you want big players, the confidence you gain is as well by who is around you, you know, it’s important for a football player.

“There was no resentment to the departures. There was maybe more, from the players who were here, uncertainty about our potential and determination to strengthen the squad. But we have not mastered the timing.”

It remains to be seen whether the new players coming in have placated last year’s squad as to Arsenal’s ambitions, and hopefully a big win today will set their minds at rest…..