Arteta – It could have been better, but I’m so happy!

New Arsenal transfer Mikel Arteta was enthusiastic after his official debut for Arsenal, and spoke highly about the club and its supporters.

Arteta played a very good game and was even close to succeeding with an assist in his first Arsenal match, but Ramsey was not concentrated enough to score from his brilliant through ball.

When asked how playing for Arsenal at the Emirates felt, the Spaniard answered: “It was fantastic, I have been waiting all week to get the opportunity to play in this stadium for this club and I really enjoyed it.

“We took the three points and we played some good football. We need to do some things better than we did today, but I’m glad, I’m so happy!”

“I think we had a spell for 10-15 minutes when we could have scored two or three and it would have been a different game.”

Mikel was also very happy about the way Arsenal’s fans treated him and told reporters: “They [the fans] have been really good to me since the day I signed for Arsenal. I thank them, they have been really welcoming with me and I really appreciate it. Now all I need to do is to get back on the pitch for them.”

Arteta played the whole game and saw a yellow card in the 78th minute. He seems to have won the hearts of every Arsenal fan after just one game due to his energy and work ethic. If Arsenal’s fans are waiting for a new Fabregas or Nasri, they will not get him, but they managed to find in Mikel Arteta an excellent player and an even better character.