Does Wenger rue not buying Gary Cahill?

Arsene Wenger is still sad about missing out on the Gary Cahill transfer. Arsenal has submitted a couple of bids for the English center-back, but they were turned down every time due to the small transfer fee offered from Bolton’s point of view.

Arsenal and Bolton argued about Cahill’s transfer fee the last time around. After a reported fee of £7 million coming from Arsenal, Bolton’s manager Coyle blasted out saying that the offer was disrespectful of the club and the player’s skills.

Wenger did not leave things as they were, and commented in a press conference that if a club wants to sell a player they have to think about whether they accept the transfer fee or not, but should not feel insulted by a submitted fee regardless of how small it is.

After having this argument with Coyle Wenger decided not to submit any other fee for the player, and finally managed to bring in summer-long wanted defender Per Mertesacker.

After the recent good performance of Gary Cahill, Wenger made a statement about the player: “I don’t want to compare. Personally, I like Cahill as a player,” he said.

“Both are good players. Mertesacker is a good player. He is more experienced. He has more international experience.

“Cahill is a young, promising English player. I suppose he would have done well for us.”

Lets all hope that Mertesacker does even better. He has the international experience, but whether he can gain the pace of the Premiership remains to be seen…..