Kroenke – Arsenal’s record is clear, we buy “Value Players”

The new Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke has been giving his opinion on Arsene Wenger’s performance in this summer’s transfer window, and he has supported Wenger’s philosophy of only buying players that are priced as “value” buys.

The American billionaire seemed to be satisfied with Arsenal’s transfers and he thinks that the club will grow in time and eventually win trophies.

“There’s a risk of going backwards if you overreact and start throwing money around in an attempt to solve your problems,” said Kroenke.

He also added that he had this problem at another of his clubs, the St Louis Rams: “Unfortunately we saw that with the Rams several years ago. Signing a bunch of free agents wasn’t the answer. It set things back, and it took us a while to dig out of it.”

The club’s owner trusts Arsene Wenger’s transfer policy and thinks that fans must be patient.

“Our track record is out there for people to see. If we think there’s good value, we’ll spend.”

Stan Kroenke also said that Arsenal attempted to transfer many valuable players in the transfer season, but due to bad circumstances their offers were turned down and negotiations were broken off.

He might mean the fact that Arsenal approached Rennes, Lille and Dortmund for M’Vila, Hazard and Goetze, but they were turned down by the teams who wanted to keep the players “home” for at least another season.