Wenger- Despite injuries we still have a great squad for tonight

Arsene Wenger has declared that the group Arsenal was drawn in the Champions League is one of the toughest groups he ever took part in during the Group Stages.

Things looked good for Arsenal at the Champions League draw when they received accessible opponents from the second and third choice groups with Marseille and Olympiakos as future rivals, but the when the fourth team was drawn the group difficulty level hit the roof with Borussia Dortmund coming in as the current Bundesliga winners.

“Especially because Pot Four gave us Dortmund,” Wenger said. “That’s why it is very difficult – Marseille, Dortmund and Olympiacos.”

Arsene Wenger is especially worried due to the fact that he still has injury problems. Vermaelen just went through an ankle surgery and will be out for at least a month. Diaby is already out for a long time and might be a little more added to that.

Wilshere also has ankle problems and is expected to return in two months time, and now Ramsey is also injured for the first Champions League game. With Rosicky still out, and Jenkinson just returning, the squad doesn’t look fit at all.

“We have lost Ramsey from Saturday because he has an ankle problem but we have Gervinho and Song back in the squad,” said the boss. “Rosicky is still out, Jenkinson is back from suspension but he is not in the squad.

“Aaron has been very influential in our team since the start of the season, but it is a good opportunity now to show that we have a big squad and cope with it. We have three midfielders out in [Abou] Diaby, [Jack] Wilshere and Ramsey, but we will still hopefully have a strong midfield tomorrow.”

Arsene seems confident as he always is, but is Arsenal’s team strong enough to take the three points away from Dortmund tonight?