Wenger – It will be Pat Rice’s fault if we lose to Dortmund!

Journalists remembered the moment when Jose Mourinho hid in a laundry basket to get round a touchline ban when he managed Inter Milan against Bayern Munich, and they asked if the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will try and do the same to talk to his team and offer instructions in tonights game against Borussia Dortmund.

“I am too tall for that and the laundry baskets are too small in Germany,” Wenger replied

“But, no, I will not do that and I did not do that.

“I still do not feel I did anything wrong when I first had the ban.

“But I will now send my vibes and hope they will not be detected by Uefa.

“At least I can sleep at the team hotel. And there I will give my team talk.

“We have preparation in the morning and in the afternoon we have team meetings. That will not change. But when I arrive at the stadium, I cannot go to the dressing room.”

Wenger then attacked UEFA a little bit by making fun of their very strict policies. “I don’t think I will be man-marked.” he joked.

“If you want to respect the rule strictly, you should be marked by two men — one on the right and one on the left.”
The manager left assistant Pat Rice in charge and he also made fun of the situation saying that the result will not be his fault.

“I have to leave everything to Pat, because communication is not allowed,” he said.

“We will go through all the situations before the game. Pat will make the right decisions. For once, I will have somebody else to blame!”

Arsenal will have to do without the help of the boss in tonight’s game against Dortmund. It will be the first of two bans Wenger has to complete after ignoring the ban last time around and talking to his technical bench through a staff member.

Is Arsenal ready to face an enthusiastic Borussia Dortmund without guidance from the sidelines? And will they manage to find a leader on the pitch?