Arteta – I left Everton to try and win trophies

Spanish midfielder Arteta has declared he came to Arsenal to get the chance to win trophies, a chance not given to him back at Everton. Despite having some very skilful players, Everton didn’t manage to win a trophy since 1995 when they won the FA Cup and the Charity Shield. A lot of Everton players have become frustrated about this and are willing to try their luck at a higher rated team.

“Arsenal have been so close to winning in the past.

“Winning a trophy or not, sometimes it’s down to very small detail. The important thing is to get the chance, so we have to make sure we’re close.

“When you play for a club like Arsenal, you’re going to have some pressure. You need to handle it.

“At every club I have been at, I have had pressure and this is not going to be any different at Arsenal.

“But being under pressure is good as it means people expect something from you.

“I am happy with the players here, that they can make us good and play some good football.

“The new players need to settle in as quickly as possible and try to help the team in the areas where we are able to.
“There are five or six new players ¬coming in and we are going to be an important part of the team.

“Most of the guys came at the last minute, so it’s not something that’s going to happen straight away.

“But when you’ve got the quality, it makes everything easier.

“The challenge here is to win trophies and at Everton I didn’t have the chance to do that. Hopefully we are going to have it here.”, said Arteta

The funny thing is, Arteta chose to leave Everton due to the trophy chase, just as Nasri and Clichy did with Arsenal and City. Let’s hope Mikel was the one who knew what the future will be and that Arsenal will manage once again to raise to glory.