Fellaini to join Arteta at Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger’s interest in some of Everton’s players is highly knows. Except Arteta, who has already joined Arsenal in the summer transfer season, Wenger was also interested in defender Phil Jagielka and defensive midfielder Marouane Fellaini.

Arsenal’s bids for Phil Jagielka were rejected all summer-long, but when it came to Arteta the club understood the player’s wish to leave and released him. Everton manager David Moyes fears that the transfer could trigger a chain reaction, and other top players from the team might join Arsenal or other higher rated teams.

“Yes, there is a danger that selling Mikel could set a precedent, but I hope not. I would like to think we can hang onto our best players.

“But there is always a danger when someone goes after saying they want to leave that it could set a precedent, and we will have to be careful of that.”, said Moyes (The Mirror)

Fellaini was not untouched by what happened. Well known target for Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid or Manchester United, the Belgian 23-year-old refused to extend his contract that runs until 2013, and might leave the club as soon as the winter break.

“One thing is certain.” The Belgian international said. “I want to play in a team that wins trophies and play in the Champions League. Everton is a team of sub-top.” (7sur7)

Arsenal will surely capture the moment and try to snatch Fellaini as well. He would be a great asset in the defensive midfield area where Song is often suspended and Frimpong or Coquelin are not yet Premier League material.