Fabregas – The Sun is printing lies!

Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas and former Arsenal captain has dismissed the so-called interview that was released in the press on Thursday.

The Spanish star was quoted saying: “If you look at the team this season I can’t see them finishing in front of teams like Manchester United or City, or Chelsea. There’s just too big a difference between the squads.

“I want to be in a club that is able to win the big titles year after year and I don’t see that kind of future for Arsenal. “ (The Sun)

After he heard the news, Fabregas immediately went online on Twitter and dismissed the statements.

“I have not given any interviews since my press conference at my presentation.” he said. “There, I just said the truth and what came out of my heart: great words about a great club, because success and trophies is just what they deserve.
“I want Arsenal to be successful as much as every single fan. That is not why I left, it was never in my mind. Arsenal made me who I am today.”

The truth is that the quote from yesterday’s newspapers shows a completely different attitude in comparison to the one Fabregas had when he spoke about Arsene Wenger and Arsenal at the press conference in Barcelona. The player then thanked Wenger for the support and understanding.

Do you think Fabregas gave that interview and then felt bad about it, or do you think it was another invented story by The Sun?