Fabregas – Wenger insisted on buy-back clause

Former Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas doesn’t dismiss the idea he might go back to the London club one day. Fabregas waited for the Barcelona transfer for quite some time and now that it finally went through, the midfielder thinks about the possibility of returning to the club one day.

Wenger’s interest in the well being of the player lead to a very good contract clause with Barcelona. The Catalan club was forced to accept a clause in the contract of the player which said that if Arsenal will ever want to buy the player back they can do that, and if Barcelona will ever want to sell the player Arsenal will be the first to ask about a possible interest.

‘It’s absolutely fine by me (that the clause was inserted into the contract)” Fabregas said. “I enjoyed my time in Arsenal. I had some great years there. I developed as a player and as a person. I finished there as captain of the club and I will still follow the club and their results.

‘I don’t know if it’s realistic that I would return one day. But maybe I said the same when I left Barca, so you never know. If that was the final thing Arsenal needed to agree on to let me go, then I’m satisfied.’

One thing is for certain. When Fabregas left he took the love of the fans with him. He was one of the most loved and respected club captains in history, and he will remain an icon for Arsenal and for future generations of players.