Wenger confident of winning streak

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger offered a press conference and spoke about the importance to get a positive result streak behind them after they were completely humiliated by Manchester United and defeated at home by Liverpool.

“We must win,” said Wenger.

“We live in an environment that questions us when we don’t win. We do not criticise that and have to live with that.

“But we have to show performances, consistency, attitude and quality. That makes us respected. It’s as simple as that. That’s why it is as important that we don’t talk too much and play as well as we can.

“We feel we have turned the corner but we will be judged by the consistency of our results.

“Inside the club, we feel we are on the right track, the spirit in the team is good, strong and together.

“We want to change the scepticism around us but that will only happen if we are consistent with our results.

“People can have a definite opinion. One game is played and everyone knows who will win the European Cup and the title. Everybody knows absolutely everything!

“The atmosphere was very down after the Old Trafford game. Since then we have put two results together and that changes straight away the feeling in the camp.

“Against Swansea we were under massive pressure and we will be again. But let’s focus on getting the ball, playing our game and then we will have a chance to win the game.

“We know that the quality of the season will be judged on our consistency. We have a desire, the strength and the quality – it’s now just down to us to put the effort in every single game. I am confident we can do that.”

Wenger’s usual confidence didn’t seem to have been affected by the very bad run Arsenal had lately. He has the same trust in his players and the same determination to build a strong winning team. Let’s just hope he will finally manage to put together a team which can win back to back trophies.

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