Gervinho: I am not a diver or a cheat

Before his comeback for Arsenal in the Premier League after being suspended, the Ivorian striker Gervinho felt the need to clarify what happened in the game against Newcastle.

According to the player he did not dive at that incident, and we could all see that he is right. Gervinho stated that he doesn’t like to win free penalties and that he always likes to continue running with the ball if he can instead of dropping to the ground and asking for a penalty or free kick.

“I didn’t dive at Newcastle and I don’t cheat, that’s not in my game.”, said Gervinho.

“In my last two seasons in France, I won 14 penalties for Lille, and if you look at the TV footage, you can see they are all genuine.

“In this instance [against Newcastle], TV replays also prove that it should have been a spot-kick.

“Newcastle thought I dived but afterwards realised their mistake.”

“Obviously, it wasn’t how I wanted to start my first game for Arsenal and I would have preferred the team to end the game with 11 players instead of ten.

“I have received a lot of support from my team-mates since that incident and that made me feel good.

“I don’t think about it anymore. It’s in the past.

“We need to move forward.” (The Sun)

After that incident the Ivorian striker had to miss the games against Liverpool and Manchester United due to the suspension. Now that he is back everybody, including myself, is waiting for him to finally score his first goal in an official game in Arsenal’s jersey. The suspension might not be such a bad thing given the player’s need to confirm his value for the club. He might be motivated by the time he spent away from the pitch and give 100% today against Blackburn..