Wenger – We couldn’t cope without the new arrivals

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger finally acknowledged that Arsenal had big problems in the pre-season and wouldn’t have coped with this year without new transfers.

Arsenal lost 3 very skilled players this season in Clichy, Nasri and Fabregas, and Wenger still seems to be sad about their departure. From his point of view, last year’s team only needed some slight trimming in order to be able to win the Premier League this season.

“We were a team on the up and that was not rewarded last season because we were maybe too hungry to go forward for four trophies,” , said Wenger

“But the basic qualities were there and we were certainly very close to winning last year. “

“Then we were suddenly hit by major departures. And so we had to review and just with the injuries we had with Jack Wilshere out, with Abou Diaby out, we couldn’t survive without buying players. And the players available now have more experience.

“So the cycle starts again because we have taken five players. But we have invested as well, our highest investment has been in Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, a young player. We have the work permit for Ryo too, so we will not give up on our youth policy.”

From the 5 players transferred in the last week of the opening only 3 managed to make their debuts in the starting team. Santos and Park have yet to make their appearance in the first team for a game. Santos grabbed a few final minutes against Dortmund in the Champions League game, but Park didn’t get to play at all until now for Arsenal.
Will they manage to be in the starting line-up today? And if Park will get a first team spot what will happen to Chamakh at the team? Will he be out for good? Tell us what you think!