Wenger will accept nothing but three points today

Arsene Wenger is tired of all the criticism coming his way and he wants his team to gather back to back wins and shut everybody up.

Arsenal’s form seems to be growing after the transfer season ended. A narrow win at Swansea with an average play and a draw at Dortmund with a much better game give Arsenal fans hope that the club will once again be on the right tracks. Wenger has the same opinion and stated: “We feel we have turned the corner, but we will be judged by the consistency of our results,” he said.

“Inside the club, we feel we are on the right track, the spirit in the team is good, strong and together.
“We want to change the sceptisicm around us, but that will only be if we are consistent with our results.

“Let’s get result after result, stick together and not talk too much.

“We must win. We live in an environment that questions us when we don’t win. We do not criticise that and have to live with that. We have to show performances, consistency and attitude quality.”

The last time Arsenal played away from home they suffered the horrible loss at United, and perhaps this would be a good time to show everybody that things are back in their rightly order. A clear win today against Blackburn Rovers would bring peace to the Emirates and confidence within the squad.

The single question that remains is whether The Gunners are now good enough to win. The strikers are in very good shape and the defence as well. But will the midfield section be able to create some spectacular passes for their strikers? What do you think?