Sol Campbell – Why are there no black managers?

Campbell blames racism in managerial careers.
Former Arsenal star Sol Campbell feels there is a little bit of racism in the Premier League when it comes to black managers. From his point of view, there have been loads of successful black football players in the Premier League, but there have been no black managers, or opportunities for them to coach.

‘After you start, all of a sudden it becomes the norm,’ he told The Mirror. ‘Then you look back and think “What were we doing 10 years ago? What was going on?”

‘It’s like the smoking ban. Not so long ago, you could smoke on an aeroplane. Now you wouldn’t dream of it. You say, “What were we thinking?”

‘With Arsene, how many foreign managers are there in the Premier League now? It’s the norm now.’

‘A lot of successful black footballers have been put off. Why are the opportunities not there?’ he said.

‘What is the difference between a successful black player and a successful white player? To me, there is no difference apart from perceptions.

‘If you look at the careers, there should be half non-white players (managing) in the league. It’s embarrassing. It really is.’

The player who was there when Arsenal won their last trophies believes that people should not be judged by their colour as other intend to, and that black managers could be as successful as white ones if given the opportunity.

What do you think? Would any black manager you know be able to coach a big Premier League club?