Wenger on Chu Young Park – Asian culture is suited to football

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has praised Chu Young Park, and is convinced that the player will be a big success in the English Premier League due to his commitment and determination.

Arsenal stole Park from under Lille’s noses in the final week of the transfer season. The player was at a medical for the French team, and when Arsene Wenger called him he left immediately and joined The Gunners.

“Park is good in every area. He is good in the air, good technically, he is mobile and that’s why he is an adaptable striker who can play up front behind the striker.

“That’s why we went for him. What I like with him is that he is very mobile and that’s the basis of our game.”

Wenger thinks that Park’s determination is directly linked with his culture. The Frenchman said: “Asian culture, usually, is well suited to team sports,”

“Their culture is very collective and once they get the technical level they are very at ease in a sport where, in England, you need commitment, focus and team attitude”. (Arsenal.com)

Park hasn’t made his debut for the team yet despite he was on the sidelines for a couple of games. That day might be today against Shrewsbury Town in the Carling Cup, when Park has a big chance to be in the starting line-up along with the likes of Ryo Miyaichi and Chamberlain.

From what you know about the versatile striker, do you think he’s good enough to be a real hit at Arsenal?