Van Persie praises “fantastic” Miyaichi

It looks like newly transferred Ryo Miyaichi has caught the eye of the most important player Arsenal has, and that might help him a lot in the future if he will manage to get a starting position within the team. Robin Van Persie has praised the young winger and according to the Dutchman, the kid has a chance to become a fan favourite if he plays his cards right.

“I like Ryo so much,” said the captain

“I think he is a fantastic guy. If you see how he plays and just look at his body language, everything tells you he is having fun.

“He loves life, loves playing football and is just a good kid.

“I am 100 per cent sure he will have a nice, long career at Arsenal because he has everything in him to be a fans’ favourite.

“He is a positive guy, he wants to work, has good technique, he can dribble and has everything that a fan is looking for. I am really looking forward to seeing him play.” (

Now, whether Ryo will indeed be able to step up to the expectations it remains to be seen. The winger got to play a few minutes against Shrewsbury Town yesterday in the Carling cup, and this might be the sign of big things to come for the player, because everybody was expecting him to be in the starting line-up. Given he wasn’t, that might mean Wenger is trying to save his energy for future games in which he could be of assistance in the team.

Ryo’s biggest problem right now is that his position is packed-full of quality players at Arsenal right now. Arshavin, Walcott, Gervinho and Chamberlain are also playing as wingers, so it will be tough for him to become a first-team player easily, but perhaps Wenger will find a way to stick him in the team. Do you think the young Japanese star will manage to break into the first team?

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