Arsene Wenger snaps at dismissal speculation.

Arsenal’s manager snapped after chief-executive Ivan Gazidis backed him up publicly by saying that Wenger has the chance to continue his long career at Arsenal and that nobody is questioning his judgement.

“There’s no issue about Arsene leaving, or the club pushing him out. Arsene is not broken.”, said Gazidis earlier this week. (The Mirror)

When he found out about this, Wenger snapped due to all the pressure that is hanging on his shoulders and said that it’s not a question of how long he will be at the club and that he will let others asses his performances.

“I’m not bothered by this speculation. Whether I work here for the next 10 years or the next day I will let others assess the situation.”, blasted Arsene

“I accept critics and I do not say it doesn’t matter that people criticise us. I prefer it when they say I am good.

“I have kept them in the Champions League for 14 years and I wish it lasts another 14 years.” (The Mirror)

Arsenal is having its worst season start since Wenger came to the club and that has lead to a record breaking low attendance at Emirates in the Carling Cup game against Shrewsbury Town despite a very low ticket price of £20.

The board seems to be backing Arsene Wenger up, but if the Frenchman won’t do something quick to turn Arsenal’s season around the fans might increase the criticism, and ultimately stop coming to games. Do you think that could ever happen? Could Arsenal’s fans give up on their beloved team?