Gibbs: “Results don’t go away” – Will Gibbs outgun Santos?

Kieran Gibbs was one of the best players on the pitch in Tuesday’s game against Shrewsbury Town and he even managed to score a headed goal after a very good cross by Jenkinson.

After the game Arsenal’s left-back declared that the team is growing by the minute since the new transfers came in, and that the target now is to turn the good performances they have into good results.

“We just have to stand up and not hide away now if the results don’t go our way – we need to do the opposite and make sure we stand up and be counted. We will see a change.”, said Gibbs.

“It’s not been the easiest of months, not just weeks. I can assure everyone that the team is together. You can see from the stats of the games that what we are doing is right, but on some occasions we just aren’t getting the results.

“We are looking to turn that around as soon as possible, so we can lift the club. We know what we want to do and what we want to achieve. We will ignore everything and get on with what we want to do.

“I don’t think we need to show what type of man Arsene Wenger is. If we need to do that then there is no point in being here because what the man has done is incredible. We all have to be behind him.

“We know we have the ability, and the squad. If you look at the squad and the players, it has got a lot stronger since the start of the season and I’m sure we will pick it up.”(

Despite his wishful thinking, Kieran might not have many chances to be at the heart of Arsenal’s comeback due to the transfer of the Brazilian Andre Santos, who will probably remain the first choice player for the left-back position despite his weak debut performance. Do you think Gibbs should be given the chance to play and grow with the team, or is Santos the better player?