Chamberlain:”It’s only the start for me”

Alex Oxlande-Chamberlain has impressed everybody in the game against Shrewsbury Town in the Carling Cup on Tuesday. He also managed to impress the crowd after the game with the statement he had and with the complete modesty he’s shown after such an impressive debut to his Arsenal career.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a turning point, I just think it is the start to a new part of my career. Hopefully it is the first of many for me. It is just the start, I have a lot more work to do and a lot more appearances to hopefully make. It was an OK start for me, I was happy with the way the game went and the fact that we won was positive. More than a turning point I think it was a start for me, hopefully for better things to come.”

“When I am on the pitch I do like to have the ball. That’s why I try to get on it and make things happen. That is one thing about my game, if I’m not creating a goal or making something happen I’m not happy. So I am always trying to do something with the ball. I am quite a confident person and I am quite confident when I am on the pitch. It felt good on Tuesday night and the fans helped because they were positive towards me and that helped. It does help when you have got the fans and the manager behind you. It does help your confidence.”

The star winger thinks that the Carling Cup will be his competition and that it’s his best chance to get first-team action at the moment.

“The manager sticks to his word and gives a lot of the younger boys a good chance to get first-team football. There are a lot of us that have targeted the Carling Cup because this is where we can make an impression. I will be watching the draw and I am confident that we can do well this year.”

“Ox”, as Arsenal fans already named him, has a good chance of becoming the new Arsenal star of the year after Wilshere managed to be that player last year. If he will continue having these kinds of appearances he might even make his way into the first team at more important Premier League games.