Wenger acknowledges there are issues in the Arsenal defence.

Arsene Wenger’s biggest problem is the defence. Arsenal put on a very good attacking display in the game against Blackburn, but lost the game due to a lot of uncertainty at the back.

When asked about the defence and about what he is going to do to counter the problems Arsenal has in the defence Wenger said that they are trying to address the problems and hopefully manage to solve them.

“We work on it every day and practice,” the boss told Arsenal’s official website. “I believe that we have been solid quite recently – in Dortmund but not at Blackburn. There is a lot to improve in our defensive consistencies.”

“The modern game is a team sport more than ever because everybody has to defend completely. All the big teams do it. You do not get away with just seven or eight and the rest watching. “

“If you don’t do it as a team it doesn’t work. On the day [at Blackburn] I believe we were a little unlucky and certainly a bit naive as well – we have to concede that. We have played five games, but we started our season basically two weeks ago.”

“There is a physical factor, you could see that as well. When I watched the Spanish games last night the teams who played in the Champions League did not look completely on full cylinders.

“[We can gain confidence] by focusing on the way we want to play football and the team spirit and attitude. That makes you feel stronger and overall I think there is no way I am going to put down the mental qualities of the squad. That will come out.”

Wenger is right; his team did perform well defensively against Dortmund, but up to one point. When you concede a goal in the 88th minute of a game, you cannot say that you were solid defensively. When you manage to hold the attacks back for a whole half and get a goal so late in the game it shows that there are mental weaknesses there to address, and I think Arsene should start with that. The players in the defensive area are certainly good enough so the only thing that remains is to make them play just as good together.