Arsenal get a small revenge on Barcelona

Arsenal has not yet finished handling transfers despite the transfer season ended a while ago. There are still talks being made and transfers coming in at the club. The latest rumour is a resounding one. Arsenal will try and steal Barcelona’s future once again, this time not will a midfielder, but a full-back. The son of former Barcelona president Juan Laporta is set to join the London club.

So let’s be clear! The son of the man who year after year tried to tempt players into leaving Arsenal to join Barcelona, and finally succeeded in doing so with France star Thierry Henry and with Alexander Hleb, will leave Barcelona for Arsenal.

Guim Laporta is 14 years old, and despite the fact that nobody knows if he will ever be good enough, this is a very big morale-booster for Arsenal’s fan, and a little bit of a comeback after Barcelona took away Fabregas.

After Fabregas, Miquel and Arteta were brought in, it seems that people at the club are very satisfied with Spanish players and they will try to bring in Laporta as well. What do you guys think about bringing the son of the man who tried to steal players from us year in year out to Arsenal?