Wenger about bottom 4:”It’s strange, believe me!”

Arsene Wenger finds himself in a very rough spot at the moment. The team he trained and prepared all this time to be a “Big 4” team, finds itself being now a “Bottom 4” team and the manager can’t believe it himself.

He is quoted on Arsenal.com having some very interesting remarks regarding his team and the way things went for Arsenal after the first 5 games of the season.

“It’s very strange, believe me,” said the boss. “You can always imagine the worst but we are here to deliver the best so that is what we try to do. “

“Of course we don’t look very comfortable but it is five games played. The games where we have many regrets are of course Liverpool at home and Blackburn away.”

What about the match against Manchester United? That was not a match worthy of regret? Or does Wenger have such mental strength that he managed to forget that game completely?

Arsene tried to defend his team’s performance at Blackburn driving everybody’s attention someplace else, and naming another big club who had problems after the Champions League game.

“What is interesting about the game is looking at Real Madrid, a fantastic team, but after the Champions League it is difficult for teams everywhere.”

Playing in the weekend after you have played a very tough Champions League game is indeed very hard, but that doesn’t explain why Arsenal scored two own goals in the second half and why the players couldn’t concentrate enough in order to keep the one goal lead they had at halftime. What do you think Wenger should do to get his players motivated?