Wenger:”I worry about young players getting slaughtered”

Arsene Wenger declared today that he doesn’t worry about criticism coming his way, but what he does worry about is criticism going the team’s way. The Frenchman said that for a 19 year old footballer the criticism is much worse than it is for him.

“Since I arrived in England there have been a lot of things said,” he remarked.

“Personally I do not complain. I am supposed to take the bullets and absorb them. Like a bear, a polar bear.

“In fairness, they don’t hurt me too much. You worry more about the young player who gets in the team at the moment and gets slaughtered. I remember when I was 19 that was much more difficult for me to take.”(Arsenal.com)

Wenger was in a good mood and when asked how many “bullets” he can take, he responded:

“Endless,” he smiled. “But that is because I understand the game.

“When it is positive [coverage] it is the same for me. I’m a human being and I prefer it when you say I am not an idiot. But I know that it is an emotional game and I have to deal with that.

“That is why it is important that we do well for the Club and try to get our fans happy again.” (Arsenal.com)

One thing is for sure Arsene must try to turn this around, and quick. Things are not looking good for Arsenal and if they don’t start winning some back-to-back games the season will be a complete disaster. Do you think Arsenal still has the chance to bounce back from this?