Arsenal fighting hard to keep Walcott

Arsenal’s winger Theo Walcott is being pushed into signing a new contract with the Gunners. After the incident with Samir Nasri, when Wenger waited too much and the player didn’t want to sign any new contracts because the team lost the fight for the title once again, Wenger wants to stop that from ever happening.

Starting contract talks early is a very good method of making sure your players will stay at the club if you want them to. Walcott’s contract still runs for another two seasons if we count the one which just started, but it’s a very good thing that Wenger already started the talks.

At 22 years-old, Walcott is now an exponential player for Arsenal and he is also a regular first team player for the England national squad. He has a total of 183 played games, 34 scored goals and 27 assists for Arsenal, and another 18 appearances and 3 goals for England.

With these kinds of statistics, Wenger would be crazy not to try and keep the player who always manages to fire up Arsenal’s attacks when he plays.