Wenger fears football will suffer from a financial crisis

Team manager Arsene Wenger blames the lack of attendance on the team’s poor performances for one thing, but he also warns that England will suffer a big financial crisis soon and that it’s already starting to happen to some of the people.

When asked about the small attendance by a reporter, Wenger replied:

“It is linked with a combination of two things. First of all we had disappointing results recently and the second factor is that we are going towards a huge financial crisis which has been already in the society. We will be hit much more and I think football suffers from the consequences as well. “

“You can look at all the clubs in England and the Premier League seats go slower and slower out. The stadiums will be less quickly full and we have noticed that already. We are maybe a special case because we had disappointing results but the other clubs had the same problem.”

He’s surely right in one regard, Arsenal’s poor results surely drove the people away from the stadiums. Nobody wants to come at a game and see his favourite team lead at halfway 2-1 and then score two own goals against a team like Blackburn.

Let’s just hope he’s right about the other thing he talked about. The world doesn’t need yet another financial crisis after the very troubling crisis they are trying to escape from now.

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