Wenger glad Van Persie’s the captain.

Arsene Wenger seems satisfied about offering the captaincy to Dutch striker Robin Van Persie, especially after the Frenchman was once again saved by the goals of this striker.  The star forward managed to score two splendid goals in the game against Bolton Wonderers bringing Arsenal 2 up in the game and securing the win for Wenger.

With these goals Robin also succeeded in becoming a part of Arsenal’s history by reaching the 100 scored goals mark. This is a performance which very few Arsenal players managed throughout time, so being team captain suits Van Persie at the moment.

When asked about the Dutchman’s captaincy, Wenger replied:

“I think he is one of these guys who develops with responsibilities. You would think he is not natural at the start but when he has the responsibility he really grows well into the role. I have observed him and he does very well.”

“He does not talk a lot to the other players because he is not a talker but he speaks his mind.”

The striker got to be Arsenal’s captain after the former one, Cesc Fabregas, decided to leave the club and transfer to Barcelona his home town. The second captain of the team in the moment is Vermaelen according to Wenger’s statements, but with the experience and quality Van Persie has it will be tough for the centre back to steal his role.

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