Wenger satisfied by stunning performance:”It’s a welcomed win”

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger seemed very satisfied with the result and with the way his players performed yesterday on the pitch in the game against Bolton Wonderers. The Gunners managed to get a well deserved win in his opinion, and a much needed win as well.

When asked if he feared that his team would have a second half like the one at Blackburn, the coach answered:

“Yes but you know we will not lose every game like we did at Blackburn. We had 22 shots on goal and we still lost so at the start of this game it was a question of nerves, of patience, of intelligence, and I think we controlled the game well even if Szczesny made a good save at the start of the game.”

“In the second half I could not see Bolton scoring a goal although to their defence they were down to ten men and that made it even more difficult for them.”

“I felt that in the first half we were a bit impatient sometimes, that we didn’t move the ball quickly enough, that our midfielders came a bit deep because we were man-marked. That exposed us a bit to counter-attacking and we had less support up front.”

“In the second half, maybe because they were fatigued as well, our midfielders played higher up and we became straight away more dangerous. Bolton lost more balls and after that it was a question of when we would score the second goal. We had plenty of opportunities. It is a deserved win that is welcome for us because we cannot drop many more points.”

I don’t know what Wenger did to his team after the Bolton incident, or if the players just needed to get used to the new transfers and create connections between them, but it’s good to see Arsenal winning in a decisive manner like that after all the very poor games the start of the season brought.

The only question which needs answering now is whether Arsenal can show the same display of quality when playing away from home in the Premier League. Do you think that this was the come-back game for The Gunners and that Arsenal’s players will be able to put some back-to-back wins behind them?

***Arsenal v Bolton Highlights***