Santos:”I am a fan of Roberto Carlos. I couldn’t have done it without him”

New Arsenal transfer Santos believes that the man who helped him play the way he does today is his former colleague Roberto Carlos. When he was playing at Fenerbahce the defender thinks that the period he played on the same side with Carlos helped him grow into the footballer he is today.

“He’s been a very important person in my career,” said Santos for

“It was a short period with him but a brilliant learning experience.

“I am a fan of his, he has always been one of my favourite players and he taught me a lot.

“It was very important to share a livelihood with him and be by his side – he shared a lot of experiences from his career and of playing in World Cups for example.

“Today he is a great friend of mine and is doing well for his club in Russia.”

Since transferring from Fenerbahce Santos showed he is a skilful left-back with incredible technique and pace. If he will continue to grow as a football player and if he will manage to settle in well with the team, the Brazilian has a big chance to make the fans forget the departure of Gael Clichy.

In order to do that he first needs to get into the first team, but with the way Kieran Gibbs is playing, it will be tough. Santos debuted in the first team at the game against Blackburn and didn’t convince. He will have to play much better than that in order to win the spot in Wenger’s eyes, who now fears games like the Blackburn one. Do you think the Brazilian is indeed worthy of a spot in the first team?