Wenger:”It’s nice to go home and relax after a game”

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was delighted about the way fans acted at the game against Bolton Wonderers. He basically said that being a manager is not as easy as most of us think, and that people tend to forget what a manager has to go through to get good results. The coach also praised new transfer Per Mertesacker for the performances he had these days.

“It’s very nice [to hear the fans sing my name] because on that front we have struggled a little,” said Wenger.

“It’s been a long time since I could go home and relax after a game, I can tell you. I don’t know [how long it has been].

“Our season started basically two weeks ago after the August 31 transfer deadline and I believe as well we paid a heavy price to knock Udinese out of the Champions League – that was very demanding for us. After that I feel this is the first time we have had a united squad together.

“We are conscious that there is a long way to go for us and Saturday’s game is a little start. Now it will be down to consistency. But I would like to say on today that Per Mertesacker is looking stronger and stronger and that he is calm, intelligent and shows me that he can lead our defence.”

The boss also said that he accepts all criticism that comes his way when the team had bad performances, but that sacking the manager is not always the best way to solve the problem.

“I never complained about the criticism I had, I can completely understand,” said Wenger.

“I am responsible for the results, I take that and I say that always.

“When you sack your manager you have to look for somebody else and he will lose games too. After a while it is not so easy to find managers.

“I can tell you because I know so many clubs who look for people and I can understand why we get the sack. But you look at clubs who change their manager every six months, they do not go further.”(Arsenal.com)

For what’s worth, Mertesacker did have very good performances as the soccer scores testify. since he joined Arsenal but that was expected from a player with his experience. And Wenger is right, the team must build on this and try to get some consecutive wins in order to get back in the fight. At the moment they don’t afford to lose any more points after the extraordinary start to the season the two Manchester teams are having.

If Arsenal will keep playing the game like they did on Saturday against Bolton Wanderers, the comeback is a certain thing, but do you think they will be able to do that? And how do you think will the team’s defense look when Vermaelen will pair up with Mertesacker as central defenders?