Arteta is looking forward to Champions League challenge.

New Arsenal transfer Mikel Arteta is happy that he finally gets to live his dream and play in the Champions League. The international midfielder left Everton for The Gunners due to his life-long dream of playing in the biggest competition in European football. According to the Spaniard, the atmosphere in Champions League is different compared to any other league in the world.

“Playing Champions League football is one of my biggest challenges,” said the midfielder.

“It is hard to explain what it is about the Champions League, the atmosphere is different and you are playing against the best teams in Europe every time. All players want to win the Champions League, and I am no different.

“Everybody says the atmosphere at the Emirates is really nice for the games in the Champions League. Hopefully it is going to be like that on Wednesday, and we can give something good for the fans to support us.

“We have a great opportunity to go through the group stages, and a great chance to win tomorrow after a good result in Dortmund. Everyone is really focused, determined and ambitious because it is a great chance for us to do well in Europe.”

The Spanish midfielder admits that the pressure at Emirates is way bigger than it was at Everton, but he doesn’t complain.

“You expect pressure,” he said. “A club like Arsenal has to be in that situation [at the top in the Premier League and Champions League]. If they are not, it means people are not expecting big enough things.

“That [pressure] is what we all want, hopefully it will stay like that and we can respond to it.”

Mikel Arteta will play his first match on Emirates in the Champions League on Wednesday against Greece side Olympiakos. Arsenal will meet the Greeks after a very good game against Borussia Dortmund on away territory ended in a 1-1 draw. After the weekend’s game, everybody is expecting The Gunners to win the games by a long way.