Redknapp says Wenger will bounce back – after Spurs beat Arsenal!

Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp admits that Arsene Wenger is an incredible manager, but he still thinks that the Spurs can finish higher than Arsenal at the end of the season. According to the English manager the White Hart Lane side is better than the Gunners this season, and has a big chance to finish on top.

“I think we can overhaul Arsenal.”, said Redknapp for “The Mirror”

“It will be tight but I would never write Arsenal off. Sometimes when things go wrong, you know what it is like – everything goes wrong.

“There is nothing that you can do right. Arsenal have had one of those starts. Two own goals, you name it. But they have got good players.”

“I can understand what Wenger is going through, it must be a nightmare for him because he has never had it before.

“I have always said that when Arsene first came here and all the other coaches were condemned.

“People said that we were all jumping around like idiot and that Arsene was just sitting there like a chess grand master.

“It was as if he was a professor of chess sitting there as if he was studying every move while these other idiots are shouting and screaming.

“But if you were winning every game of course you could sit there with your hand behind your head asking your number two: ‘What’s the score? Three nil? Oh wake me up when we get four!’

“Now? Suddenly you get beat and he is jumping arund like the rest of us!

“But he is a fantastic manager. He is top class. He knows the game and they will be bang there again. He is one of the best in my opinion.”

Harry Redknapp and Arsene Wenger are old friends, but this weeks’ game will be a fierce one. Arsenal needs to win in order to keep its head up and gather the first back-to-back win of the season, and Tottenham is in an incredible form after three consecutive wins in the English Premier League. What do you think the outcome of the game will be?