Wenger fears upcoming financial problems

Arsene Wenger feels that a future financial crisis is about to hit football, and says that it has become a very tough task to sell out a match, even if it’s in the Champions League. Arsenal’s manager praises the fans who were there for the team throughout the tough period Arsenal had, but says that difficult times will come for all Premier League clubs.

Arsenal had the biggest attendance of any round 3 Carling Cup match despite all the financial problems and the way in which the team performed in the start of the season.

“We live in a society where life is more difficult for everybody,” said Wenger.

“And what I told you the other day, we had a combination of us not having started well and people suffering more in daily life. That makes it a bit more difficult.”

“I saw the other day when Chelsea played against Leverkusen – it was not a sell-out. It is more difficult now.”

Arsene Wenger saw the signs of a potential financial crisis for a very long time, but nobody believed that it would happen in football until people started coming in fewer numbers at the stadium. Chelsea’s Champions League top game against German side Leverkusen is a clear sign of the fact that game attendance will sink in future games.