Wenger:”Arshavin just needs more confidence”

Arsene Wenger praised Arsenal’s winger Andrey Arshaving  and thinks that all the player needs in order to become the star he once was, is a little more confidence. Arshavin joined Arsenal in January 2009, but after two good seasons he went out of form in the last one, and now he’s really trying to get back.

Wenger said before the Olympiakos game that he will probably be playing tonight against Olympiakos, especially giving that Walcott is out and Gervinho might also have to miss the game.

“I think he’s had a good start to the season,” said Wenger. “Gervinho was a little bit in front and he did very well, and he [Arshavin] is a bit in and out. Maybe you will see him tomorrow.”

“I rotate more the strikers than anybody else and Andrey, you cannot fault.”

“There is a difference between the image that Andrey has and who he is really is,” said the boss. “He is a very conscientious hard-worker in training. “

“Sometimes he has an image a little bit of a non-caring person and that is not at all [the case]. He is 100 per cent a professional player. “

“I think what he needs more is confidence. He had a difficult end of season last year and I believe since a few weeks now, he is in very good form.”

Arshavin managed to score the winning goal in the game against Swansea, but with Gervinho, Walcott, Chamberlain, Ryo, and Park all able to play on the wing the competition is fierce at Arsenal and Arsene Wenger has tough choices to make before each game. Let’s just hope Wenger made the right choice for tonight’s game.