Gervinho settled in well at Arsenal

Arsenal’s Ivorian striker Gervinho seems to be fitting in well in Arsene Wenger’s team since his transfer this summer. From hat he said, he wants to have a very long spell at Arsenal and he wants to take the club to glory in the years he will be here. Since the transfer season started, Arsenal grew a lot as a team and Wenger managed to pull the guys together. Perhaps he will manage to make a trophy winning team once again.

“I’m really enjoying it here, my great passion is being here at Arsenal. It’s a new challenge and the settling in has brought a few difficulties, but I’ve got some French-speaking friends, which has helped. It’s gone really well and I’m feeling fine.”

“ I think that it did me a lot of good. Getting two goals on my debut was good for my morale, the two goals were good for settling in, they helped me find my feet on the pitch.”

“The game had both of those attributes, it settled into a quick rhythm, but I adapted OK while I was on the pitch. It was a good game, a very physical game and at a fast pace, but I enjoyed it all the same.”

“It comes naturally to me to a degree, but if you ask my previous managers, they would also say that they have encouraged me a lot as well. I’m an attacking player and hopefully this helps the team, it does come naturally, but a lot of my managers have tried to make me into a more direct player. “

“I’m happy to be in England, but I’ve really had to adapt to the team and that’s been the case from the start. Regarding English football, that will come in due course, but for me the main thing is adapting to the style of play of the team and I think that is happening as I get used to my team-mates.”

Gervinho managed to score his first goal since joining the Gunners in an official game with Arsenal’s first goal against Blackburn, and he had some very good performances for the club. Let’s just hope he will be able to provide more of the same with time and everybody will be satisfied. What do you guys think about his performances so far?