OX is off to a flying start in Champions League debut for Arsenal

Arsenal’s assistant coach Pat Rice was delighted about the performance Alex Oxlande Chamberlain has had at his debut in the Champions League. The new Gunner had a blistering performance managing to score in the first 8 minutes of his first ever match in the biggest European league. Rice congratulated the young star and spoke highly of him, saying that he has a bright future ahead.

“He can go inside, he can go outside, he’s got that injection of pace and I think what he needs now is to be consistent in his play. “

“I am sure that is something he will be working on because he’s certainly not a stupid boy. He has good people around him and they are telling him all the right things.”

“He is a very confident boy, a strong lad and he listens to what people tell him. I think he makes his own mind up because when you are a professional footballer loads of different coaches tell you lots of different things. “

“What you have to do is pick out the best things that are applicable to you. That is something Alex will no doubt actually do. He is very friendly with Theo and no doubt he will give him the benefit of his experience as well.”

“From Arsenal supporters’ point of view, they are going to be seeing a lot of this boy. “

“Whenever he breaks in permanently he has a big, big challenge to now get in front of Theo. I know that Theo is a very strong-willed guy as well and he won’t give in easy. It all bodes well for England anyway.”

Chamberlain has had his best performance yet for the Gunners, and at only 18 years of age he seems like the next big star in Arsenal’s team. Everybody was waiting for him to confirm, and he did that very quickly. What do you guys think of Chamberlain’s performance for the Gunners?