Rice thinks Arsenal defended well against Olympiakos. What do you think?

Arsene Wenger’s right hand man Pat Rice had to be the one to sit on Arsenal’s bench last night in the Champions League Group F game against Olympiakos due to the suspension the Frenchman got from UEFA. The coach declared himself happy about the way The Gunners’ defence held up in a fairly tough fixture.

“I thought that in general they battled very hard. I think that as we went into the second half we were tighter in the second half than we were in the last 20 minutes of the first half. “, was quoted Rice on Arsenal.com

“People can have the ball right and left but it wasn’t really causing us too many problems. They have actually got a lot of the ball but in actual terms of what Szczesny has had to save I don’t think there was all that many chances.”

The assistant coach then said that being a manager doesn’t really suit him and that he’s happier being second in command at Arsenal.

“I said before we played Dortmund that it is not the kind of evening I particularly want. It’s never actually been an ambition in my career to be a manager. I’m quite happy being a coach.”

“But when decisions go against the manager, which in my personal opinion wasn’t right, we have just got to get on with it.”

I personally don’t think the defence did so well against a smallish team like Olympiakos. Arsenal shouldn’t have conceded against them, and did a much poorly defensive job than they did against Bolton. This kind of outcome was expected after defensive midfielder Alex Song was named in the centre of the defence after 4 first-choice central defenders were declared unfit for the game. What do you guys think of last night’s defensive game?