Wenger:”You can see things better from the stands”

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has told reporters that he doesn’t mind that much to stay in the stands as long as the team is performing well and as long as The Gunners win the games. From the Frenchman’s perspective it’s sometimes better to stay in the stands than it is to stay on the sideline because you see the game much better.

“It is not what I like but, if we win the game, I am ready to suffer,” he said.

“The vision is an advantage. You can detect moments of weakness and bad positioning. It is good for working out coordination in your lines – you see better basically.

“But you suffer from being physically separated from your team.”

Arsene said that he attempted to stay in the stands to view his team many times, but all of his attempts failed. His heart can’t bear staying in the stands and being away from the team.

“Many times I promised myself ‘this time I will go up’, but the closer I get to the game I gave up,” he joked.

Wenger served his second UEFA match suspension after being in the stands for the first Champions League game of the season against Borussia Dortmund. Arsenal’s manager will still have to be out of the sideline for yet another game, when The Gunners will travel to Marseille two weeks from now.