Chamberlain explains why he chose Arsenal instead of United or Liverpool

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain offered an interview for Arsenal’s official website in which he explained why he decided on joining The Gunners and snubbing offers from Manchester United and Liverpool on the way.

“I always used to watch Arsenal and I loved the way they played football,” he said. “I think it was the manager, stadium and fans that sold it for me. “

“The boss is a massive influence in the game and he is such an intelligent man. The stuff he says, you have to sit back and can only admire. Even in his team talk for today, the stuff he says is brilliant. “

“You always learn stuff from him. He has a quiet word every now and again but the stuff he says is spot on. You think ‘yeah, actually I didn’t realise that and thank you.’ He’s just a fantastic man and I think the way he thought he could develop my game really pushed me towards Arsenal. “

“It’s a massive club and nights like this prove it. I came to a few games last season – the Barcelona one here when they won – and I was blown away so that was it.”

“He just said go out and be confident and do what you do, concentrate on defending and going forward,” said the 18-year-old. “

“I tried to take on board everything he said but he is a manager who does just let you get on with it as well and learn yourself. Then he’ll come over later on, have a quiet word and say where you could improve.”

We’re all glad that he decided on joining Arsenal now aren’t we? Wenger’s decision making seemed to be off in the summer when he decided to transfer the Championship striker, but it showed that the Frenchman’s eye is really one for young talents.

Let’s just hope he’s had enough intuition to transfer players who can take Arsenal back to the top of the Premier League