Wenger:“I do not believe that Adebayor is underrated”

Arsene Wenger doesn’t want to launch debates about Adebayor before the game Arsenal will play at White Hart Lane against Tottenham Hotspur at the end of the week.

Adebayor upset Arsenal’s fans last time around when he celebrated a goal against Arsenal in the time he played for Manchester City. Although he apologized afterwards he’s still not what you’d call a fan favourite for The Gunners.

“There was a controversial situation at Man City last year that was inappropriate. He apologised for it but we do not want to focus on that kind of subject before the game,” Wenger told Arsenal.com

“I do not believe that Adebayor is underrated. People know that he is a very good player so our back four will be vital in this game of course. But overall the more pressure we put on them the less it will be on our defence. “

“In this kind of game you want full commitment from everybody but you have to think. We have positive memories [of this fixture] because we didn’t ever forget to play our game and that is the focus that is important. Be cool and focus on the play.”

Adebayor sent another apology towards Arsenal’s fans before this game for his conduct, but we all just can’t forget the way he acted after scoring against us. After all Arsenal made him the player that he is today, and if it wasn’t for Wenger he might still be playing for Monaco.