Wenger:”If Chamberlain was ready for Champions League he’s ready for Premier League”

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger thinks that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was a good transfer for the London club and that he will become a top player in the future, but for the moment the player still has a lot to learn. In Wenger’s opinion Chamberlain is ready to face the Premier League games. The player will probably become one of the first choices in Arsenal’s team in a very short while if he will keep having the same kind of performances he had in the Champions League and in the Carling Cup.

“When you are ready for the Champions League you are ready for the Premier League,” Wenger told Arsenal.com

“People want to make stars overnight in modern football but it is not like that.

“What is very positive for me is that he has shown he has the talent to be a very good future player but that he also still has things to work on.

“I have big hopes for him as well but I do not want to be impatient.”

Chamberlain stunned everybody by scoring at his debut in Champions League only 8 minutes into the match. Arsene Wenger probably praises himself by now for the massive amount of £12 million he spent on Chamberlain and for the vision the Frenchman showed when he decided to transfer the youth English International.