Time for Arsenal players to take some responsibility

Gunners ‘keeper Wojciech Szczęsny has assured fans that he and his team are undeterred by the widespread criticism aimed at the faltering North London side. “I don’t really pay attention to any criticism” was what he stated on the Arsenal website just yesterday. There are, though, many signs to suggest that he is wrong, to the point that he must know it too.

A lack of leadership has increasingly been at the forefront of Gooners’ debates and it is no surprise why. Time after time, we watch mistakes such as those against Blackburn but, instead of the main culprit for the error accepting his share of the blame, the responsibility is rarely taken. Quiet mutterings of disappointment and exchanges of guilty looks are what we have become used to seeing with the current squad, even before the departures of Cesc and Nasri. Even afterwards, the lack of determination to get back in the game is certainly very noticeable. This is, at least on the outside – I’m sure they want it but they undoubtedly need to show it some more.

It is the individual blunders that need to be not only eradicated but accepted, one at a time. It is far too easy to simply promise long-term change when the in-game errors are being brushed under the carpet by the somewhat muted defence in particular.

The first priority is to avoid any clangers tomorrow against Spurs, and the next is taking responsibility if we can’t.