Walcott’s agent discusses Juventus rumours

Since the beginning of the summer, Theo Walcott has been linked with a move to Italian giants Juventus. The Bianconeri are known to some extent for their faster football compared to other Serie ‘A’ teams, and Walcott would prove to be a real handful for defenders often used to a slower pace than in the Premier League.

However, the once-raging rumour looks to have been extinguished, with Walcott’s agent Colin Gordon ensuring that there has been no contact between the two clubs – recently. This concluding word perhaps suggests that there was real interest during the Gunners’ decent run before the spring and that the lacklustre Arsenal of late have degraded his appeal somewhat.

Another alleged reason for the breaking down of any potential deal is that Walcott is simply too pricey. Rumblings of a £16 million price tag aren’t ridiculous compared to the likes of Jordan Henderson or Stewart Downing perhaps, but others would argue that it is far too high for a player lacking quality. Despite this, his haul of 13 goals and 9 assists last term cannot be overlooked.

Gordon concluded his discussion with Italian website calciomercato.it with his confession that he does not know what the future of Theo Walcott will hold. “We’ll see. I don’t know what will happen”

With Walcott under constant scrutiny whilst Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain continues to impress, though, one thing that is almost guaranteed to happen is the continuation of rumours about the expected departure of the speedster between now and the end of his contract in 2013.

And if he doesn’t sign a new contract this season, his departure could be even sooner…..