Kalou – just another Arshavin?

With limited appearances at Stamford Bridge, Salomon Kalou is looking to end his time at Chelsea with a move to Arsenal or Liverpool. It is one of those rumours that have become increasingly common of late – players that have been there and done it. But, would his bench-warming gloom continue at Arsenal?

Wenger has admitted his interest in the past couple of seasons and the Ivorian himself has confessed his appreciation of such a link: “Arsène Wenger said he thought of signing me? That’s an honour for me, an honour… He is a very great coach and I know that every single player in the world dreams of playing for Arsène Wenger”. These two factors, along with the fact that the player has only been a bit-part player ever since his arrival from Feyenoord in 2006, make this particular story more probable than most.

However, with the continuing progression of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and the still untested Park – not mentioning Ryo, Gervinho and Walcott – it would be tough for Kalou to gain a regular starting place. He has never been one to show bundles of consistency, meaning that in many ways, he is just another Arshavin. Of course, the Russian has performed incredibly well at times for the Arsenal, but his unpredictability makes him far less indispensable.

Kalou has similar traits but, four years Arshavin’s junior at 26, he hasn’t completely passed his peak. He might not be able to provide a reliable source of goals or assists, but what he can offer is that occasional piece of magic that some younger Arsenal targets wouldn’t achieve for a while. On top of this, he has height to offer at a considerable 6ft 1in. It might not be the perfect signing but, at the rumoured £5 million asking price, it’s certainly an interesting proposition.