“Wenger is a cancer on Arsenal!”

Wow I know that there are a large portion of Arsenal Fans that have had enough of Arsene Wenger after six years without a trophy, but the latest bout of vitriol against Le Prof may be pushing it just a little bit too far.

It seems there is a supporters club, called “Arsenal FC not PLC” who are intending to up the ante to try and get Wenger sacked by Stan Kroenke, and they are pulling no punches from now on.

Michael Barnett, the head of ‘AFNP’, told talkSPORT today: “Wenger is a cancer at our club, killing us slowly,”

“The longer Wenger is in charge the worse we will get. We want Wenger out because of the last six years of failure and we feel he keeps making the same mistakes, year on year.

“Most want him out and feel strongly that his time is finished at the club. The rest take his past as proof that he can solve the current problems, which nobody is happy with, but we feel that he has been making the same mistakes for far too long.”

This could be the the next step in the war between AKB’s and the “Wenger Out” brigade and could lead to fisticuffs in the stands, between our own Arsenal supporters!

Surely this is not acceptable? How on Earth can the team concentrate on getting back up the table with all this abuse going on in the background?

Does anyone have a solution to this mess other than just telling everyone to give Wenger just one more chance?