Marseille’s Dechamps – Arsenal’s squad is full of quality

Olympique Marseille’s manager Didier Dechamps offered an interview regarding tonight’s match between Arsenal and Olympique Marseille. According to the French manager his team will not be under a lot of pressure, but they will do their best to win against Arsenal and keep them away from the first position in the group.

“Our bad start in the championship means we have our backs to the wall in every match, particularly at home,” said Deschamps.

“But in the Champions League it’s different. We have six points already, so there isn’t the same pressure and the players can go for it a bit more and play without the same nervousness.”

When asked about Arsenal’s problems this season and about what he expects from today’s opponents Dechamps stated:

“They’re still a top European club and they qualify systematically for the Champions League,”

“They had a troubled summer, losing big players and bringing new ones in. I don’t want to compare Arsenal today to their previous teams, but they still have 20 or so internationals.

“Their squad is full of quality. They’ve had problems in the Premier League but they’re still a top team and they’ve played in this competition every season for a good while now.”

Arsenal’s problems are well known but Wenger is trying to address them. The team is growing bit by bit every week and hopefully The Gunners will be able to win against Marseille on away territory. A win in France could bring them very close to winning the group if they manage to do the same in London against the French.