Wenger – Everybody hopes for a draw in the Manchester derby

French manager Arsene Wenger admitted in an interview offered to Arsenal’s official website that the two Manchester teams are the ones to be watched at the moment due to the incredible form they have shown in this season start.

“Yes of course [they are the teams to catch],” he told Arsenal.com

“They have had good starts and have strong squads. You do not expect them to drop too many points but still I believe you could see that it is different for City and United in the Champions League. So everybody will drop points.”

“It’s very early to call Sunday’s game a decider and it’s amazing how quick people make conclusions. Let’s not forget we have played eight games and we have 30 to go. Never has the championship been decided after nine games. “

“It will be an interesting game to watch but overall whatever happens in this game the championship is still open. For everybody else in the Premier League the most interesting result would be a draw.”

After the very troubled summer he had, Wenger is probably happy about the fact that the press is now concentrated on the two teams from Manchester. The transfer drama around Fabregas’ and Nasri’s leave in the summer made life very difficult for the French manager, and I think that this quiet period is really suiting him nicely.